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For a list of Christopher Hood's books available from Oxford University Press as e-books see here.

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  • Most of Christopher Hood's recent papers and articles are available online. Many links can be found on the Publications page.

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  • November 2016. Christopher Hood and Rozanna Himaz had a blog published on the LSE British Politics and Policy blog entitled 'How does austerity look in retrospect: The UK's recent fiscal squeeze in historical perspective. You can read it here.
  • January 2015: Christopher Hood and Rozana Himaz had a blog published on Politics In Spires, entitled 'The Future of Fiscal Squeeze: More of the Same?' You can read it here.
  • October 2014: Christopher Hood, David Heald and Rozana Himaz had a blog published on the British Academy blogsite, entitled 'When the Party's Over: The Next Fiscal Squeeze.' You can read it here.
  • September 2014: Christopher Hood, Desmond King and Gillian Peele had a blog published on the OUP blogsite, entitled 'The Politics of Political Science.' You can read it here.
  • June 2014, Christopher Hood presented his Valedictory Lecture at All Souls College, University of Oxford, entitled 'Thirty Years of Makeovers in UK Central Government - Did it Work Better and Cost Less?' You can read the blog here.
  • January 2014, Christopher Hood and Rozana Himaz had a blog published on the LSE Politics and Policy blogsite, entitled 'History shows Osborne's proposed spending cuts after 2015 would be unusual but not unprecedented in terms of duration and depth'. You can read it here.
  • July 2013, Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon submitted evidence to PASC on complaints to ombudsmen and judicial review. You can read the report here.
  • January 2013, Christopher Hood appeared in a parliamentary debate discussing whether and to what extent the UK Civil Service was in need of reform. You can read more here and listen to the debate on Today in Parliament, Radio 4, 11 January.
  • On 11 June 2011 Christopher Hood was awarded the CBE in the Birthday Honours list in recognition of his services to Social Science.Read more here.
  • On 19 May 2011 Christopher Hood gave a keynote address on the advent of "WikiLeaks World" at Rutgers University. Read more here.
  • Christopher Hood, with Martin Lodge (LSE) and Martin Smith (University of Sheffield) gave evidence on Civil Service Reform before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Public Administration on 25 January 2011. Transcript of evidence, written evidence and the audio recording are available.

  • CD produced for the End-of-Programme Conference "Public Services in the 2010s: Prosperity, Austerity and Recovery", held on 11 December 2009. Contains an archive of Public Services Programme material and a poster from each Programme project.
  • December 2009. Interview. Public Services Programme administrator Gail Savage interviews Programme Director Christopher Hood and Deputy Director, Deborah Wilson. The achievements of the Programme over its five-year lifespan are highlighted. Interview duration about 17 min Video version (MPEG-4) 149 MB - may take several minutes to download Audio version (MP3) 15 MB.
  • Christopher Hood and Labour MP Denis MacShane discuss how Downing Street can deal with budget restraints. Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 10 September 2009, 7.38 am.
  • Treasury learns ways to make deep cuts Article in the Financial Times, September 2009
  • Bergen was the venue for the first World Social Science Forum, in May 2009, arranged by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and attended by nearly 800 delegates. Twenty-four parallel sessions tackled contemporary issues in the social sciences. The keynote address 'Challenges for the Social Sciences in the New Century' was given by Amartya Sen. Recordings of all of the presentations can be found on the ISSC website. Christopher Hood's presentation is available in Session S4, Sunday May 10 Rankings and Reactions: The Comparative Politics of International Rankings. His talk starts about 5 minutes after the start of the audio file. His PowerPoint presentation can be found on the same page. He highlights three puzzles relating to the supply and demand of international governance rankings, such as why demand for such rankings seems to be growing when all the social science research tends to emphasize their limitations as a summative tool. Christopher Hood also presented posters on the programme's work on rankings (pdf) and one on a comparative analysis of press responses to the PISA educational study in the UK, France and Germany (pdf) .
  • April 2009: Christopher Hood is interviewed by Sky-News about the consultation from the Working Party on Personalised Medicine from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. [video no longer available].
  • BBC Report on the Working Party on Personalised Medicine from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics.
  • The Uses of Measured Performance Indicators in Governance and Public Services Part I Part II accessed via YouTube. Christopher Hood discusses the functions and dysfunctions of various types of measured performance indicators in this video interview. August 2008.